Rogers Introduces New “My Rogers” Customer Portal

There is a posting on Rogers Redboard where Rogers President and CEO Nadir Mohamed admits that they’re not where they need to be when it comes to customer service. At least they admit that they have a problem, and from the looks of it they’re trying to do something about that. Here’s an example. My “best friends at Rogers” alerted me to the relaunch of their “My Rogers” customer portal which allows Rogers customers to make changes to their account, add or delete or upgrade services, and even upgrade your Rogers hardware. My wife set us up on it last night and made this comment:

“This is great. There’s a ton of stuff that I can do here that I don’t need to call a Rogers call center to do. That’s a good thing as I REALLY don’t like calling Rogers.”

You can see that my wife isn’t a fan of calling Rogers. I can sympathize as I’ve had my own bad experiences with Rogers. So for people like her “My Rogers” gives them another avenue to deal with Rogers that doesn’t turn them off, which is a good thing. Hopefully Rogers expands the functionality of this portal going forward, and they combine that with better call center services for people like my wife who want to call Rogers for assistance. That would create the ultimate “win-win” for them.

If you want to see what the portal looks like, please play the video below.

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  1. I have just about given up on having this site work properly. I have dealt with customer service with no improvements. I dealt with the office of the president and they gave up – told me to contact customer service. I have dealt with people through Rogers Redboard and though they say they are trying to help, nothing changes. I have asked why they cannot go back to the old site but no one wants to answer that question. For me the site is hit and miss on what works and what does not or whether the information will even display properly. I also have two accounts – one in Pickering and one in Scarborough. I can be logged into the Scarborough account and all of sudden the information switches to the Pickering account even though I did not log into that account. It is an absolute travesty that they seem to find this acceptable at Rogers!

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