Apple Sued Over Multi-touch Patent… As If The iLawyers Don’t Already Have Enough To Do

Bloomberg News is reporting that a company called Elan Microelectronics has decided to sue Apple over a patent that involves Apple’s use of multi-touch in its devices. Here’s what the company had to say about why they were suing Apple:

“Our goal is to protect our technology and to stop sales of those products in the U.S.,” Dennis Liu, spokesman for Hsinchu, Taiwan-based Elan, said by phone today. The complaint was filed yesterday and is in addition to a suit brought against Apple in a California court in April last year, Liu said.

Pretty much anything cool from Apple uses multi-touch including the iPhone, iPod Touch, MacBook, Magic Mouse and iPad. The suit will go in front of the International Trade Commission and we’ll see if anything comes of it in 30 days. If the ITC decides to follow up on this, this will get very interesting in a hurry. Frequent readers will recall that the ITC is the same forum that Apple has ongoing legal action in front of. So I’m sure that Nokia, Kodak and HTC are looking at this with great interest.

So Apple’s iLawyers have something new and fun to do, although I suspect “The Steve” wishes they weren’t so busy.

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