Yahoo Targeted In Hack From China… Here We Go Again…

First it was Google, and now Yahoo seems to be the target of a hack from China. According to Reuters, The Yahoo email accounts of foreign journalists and activists based in China have been hacked:

Several journalists in China and Taiwan found they were unable to access their accounts beginning March 25, among them Kathleen McLaughlin, a freelance journalist in Beijing. Her access was restored on Wednesday, she told Reuters.

The compromised accounts include those of the World Uyghur Congress, an exile group that China accuses of inciting separatism by ethnic Uighurs in the frontier region of Xinjiang.

Charming. Yahoo for it’s part did some half hearted chest thumping:

“Yahoo! condemns all cyber attacks regardless of origin or purpose,” spokeswoman Dana Lengkeek said in an email response to a Reuters query.

“We are committed to protecting user security and privacy and we take appropriate action in the event of any kind of breach.”

Yeah, but are you going to pull out of China the way that Google sort of did or are you going to go further? That’s what we really want to know. Besides, the optics of letting something like this slide would just suck. But they may be thinking of the revenue that they’d lose if they pulled the plug on China.

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