Rogers Says “Next Is Now”

My “best friends at Rogers” sent me a link to a video that they showed during their annual shareholders meeting where I’m pretty sure that shareholders rejoiced in the fact that revenue was up significantly year over year. But I am digressing. The video in question shows how the planet has changed because of things like Facebook, text messaging, smartphones, the Internet, etc. Some of the stats that are displayed during this video are:

  • It would take 28 years to watch the video uploaded to YouTube this week
  • At Facebook’s current growth rate, it will exceed the world’s population by 2014
  • Today, 12000 books fit onto 8 Kindles

The only time you know the video is from Rogers is at the very end where they display the Rogers logo. It’s also very light on any sort of advertising which easily makes it the best advert that Rogers has ever produced. Take a look and see for yourself. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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