Rogers Announces New Options For Cell Phone Users Who Travel To The US

Boy is Rogers busy this week. I got another e-mail from “my best friends at Rogers” today announcing some new options for their customers who travel to the US:

“Rogers has made some changes to some of its long distance mobile add ons. These add ons are voice options that can be added to an existing voice plan on a wireless device for one month intervals.

New North American add ons replace the existing U.S. and Canada add ons, meaning customers can now access a single bucket of minutes anywhere in North America.

The new plans are available now.

·       $5/month – For 50 long distance minutes ($.10/min)
·       $35/month – For unlimited long distance minutes

·       $5/month – 50 long distance minutes ($.10/min)

Customers can select the new add ons by calling 1-866-Rogers1 or online at

For details check out:

It really seems that this combined with some other recent announcements, Rogers is really trying to address the needs of those who travel. It wasn’t that long ago that if you travel and dared to use your mobile phone or smart phone outside of Canada, you could expect a really big bill. That now seems to be changing. Hopefully there’s more coming to help those who travel to Europe or Asia. That would really be something.

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