Rogers Releases iPad Data Plans For Canadians…. But They Have An “Oops” Moment

Rogers has released pricing for iPad 3G data access. Here’s the 411:

  • 250 MB for $15 + WiFi (Includes free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots)
  • 5 GB for $35 + WiFi (Includes free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots)

All plans are available contract free which means you can kill them at any time.

Now when you compare this to what AT&T offers in the United States, you’ll find one glaring omission: An unlimited data plan. Clearly Rogers isn’t interested in going there. Here’s the logic of why Rogers has gone this route from a post on Rogers Redboard:

Customer experience shows that our 250mb/5GB plans will be more than enough for virtually all our customers. 99.8 per cent of our iPhone customers use less than 5GB of data. As the tablet is a new category, it’s too early to say if customers will use more or less data than they do for iPhone. But even for our rocket stick/embedded laptop customers, 95.6 per cent use less than 5GB per month.

Okay. But consider this. Carriers who offer unlimited plans are counting on the fact that most people won’t go absolutely nuts surfing the net which would make an unlimited data plan a cash cow to a carrier… At least in theory. The other thing is that the optics of having an unlimited data plan gives a carrier a better perception in the public eye. Even AT&T who have a craptastic reputation gets some brownie points from having an unlimited data plan. Rogers may want to take those points under consideration.

One thing that does causes me to pause when it comes to this announcement is that I’m guaranteed to be spending a lot of cash with Rogers if I have an iPhone (or some other smart phone) and an iPad. There was a posting on the Apple website that referenced a plan that allowed you to share your minutes with another data plan for $20. But Rogers says that this was an “error” and all references to this plan have been removed. That’s a big mistake in my mind as Rogers offers tethering with the iPhone for example. That’s a massive reason for me NOT to get a iPad with 3G. Apparently others feel the same as this “error” has created a bit of a P.R. nightmare which reminds me of their last P.R. nightmare that involved an Apple product. You’ll recall that Rogers took a while to fix that mess. One hopes they fix this rather quickly, otherwise they may find that not a lot of people will be interested in signing up with Rogers for iPad 3G service.

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