British Bank Offers The Option Of iPhone To Employees

Reuters is reporting that British bank Standard Chartered is offering employees the choice of iPhone or Blackberry smart phones for their corporate communication needs:

It’s a group-wide initiative involving wholesale and consumer banks globally,” said a Singapore-based spokeswoman for Standard Chartered, told Reuters.

So who is this bank? Here’s some facts:

  • They operate in 70 countries through 1700 branches. However, they are not a retail bank outside Asia.
  • They bought American Express Bank from American Express
  • They sponsor a series of marathons around the world as well as the English football club Liverpool

So they’re not small.

This news must have RIM execs freaking and God Steve Jobs along with other Apple execs overjoyed. The fact is that if you have Microsoft Exchange as your e-mail server, it’s dead easy to implement iPhones in a company. Apple has resources on their website to help companies with their deployment of iPhones and other than the cost of the iPhones, the price tag is low. That explains why RIM decided to release a version of Blackberry Enterprise Server for free. I’m not surprised that this is happening and I expect to see more of this in the future.

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