Rogers Introduces Handset Protection Program… But Will It Blend?

I know that you’re wondering about the title. Stay with me and it will all become clear. Rogers has a new means to entice you to use them for wireless phone service. They now offer a Handset Protection Program that has the following features according to the Rogers website:

If your device is within the manufacturer’s warranty period, we will send it for repair or offer you an Advance Exchange depending on your device type.

Alternatively if your device is out of the warranty period by time or broken, we will assess the problem, provide you with a quote and upon your approval have it repaired. We’ll aim to have it ready for pick-up in 10 business days or less! You may also choose to take advantage of a 0$ replacement device*.

If your device was lost or stolen, you can benefit from a 0$ replacement device*.

Visit a participating Rogers store to select and order your replacement device. We’ll aim to have it ready for pick-up in 5 business days or less!

Now you’ll notice the “*”s in the quote I pasted above. They’re they’re because there’s a catch to this. What is it?

* With a new or existing term commitment of at least 12 months at time of replacement.

Ah yes. You have to have a 1, 2, or 3 year term with Rogers for them to offer you this program. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Okay. So I’ve told you about the Handset Protection Program, what’s the deal with me mentioning blending? Well, my “best friends at Rogers” have pointed me to a video where Tom Dickson of the famous “Will it Blend” videos promotes this new enticement from Rogers. Take a look below:

I have to admit, that’s a funny video with Miranda MacDonald (Social Media Specialist from Rogers). It’s pretty hip which shows that Rogers is trying to reach those between 18 – 35.

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