Bye Bye Bell – Part 7

My wife finally got around to calling Bell Canada to raise the issues that I spoke about in my last entry. First of all she got an Indian call center (my wife actually got the rep to admit it after pushing him on the issue). So much for not sending Bell customers to call centers in India liked they claimed they were going to stop doing. I guess their promise of better customer service is just talk.

But I digress.

Once my wife got the call center human on the phone, she was informed that they would not waive the “home phone deactivation charge” and the human was adamant on that part. The reason was that we didn’t give them sufficient notice despite the fact that we were never informed of that little fact. So she gave up and simply requested a cheque which she was told that we’d get in 4 weeks.

What ticked my wife off about this interaction was the fact that Bell wants us to come back to them and they’ve likely spent more than $15.38 in trying to woo us back with postcards and letters. So it likely be cheaper to just credit us back the $15.38 “home phone deactivation charge” as a goodwill gesture. But what they’ve done instead by not crediting the “home phone deactivation charge” to our account is guarantee that we’ll never be a Bell Canada customer ever again. Interesting enough, my wife did communicate this to the call center human who responded with indifference.

I’ll let you know when we get the cheque and if it is within the time frame that they gave my wife.

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