Woman Sues Google For Getting Run Over By Car While Following Google Maps…. WTF?

Another day, another really dumb lawsuit. The Toronto Star is reporting a woman is suing Google for…. I’ll let you read the details:

Lauren Rosenberg sought directions between two addresses in Utah about 3 kilometres apart. The top result suggested that Rosenberg follow a busy rural highway for several hundred metres. The highway does not have sidewalks. One stretch is blocked by a noise barrier that pushes pedestrians closer to the roadside.

After walking on to the highway, Rosenberg was struck by a car. The driver, Patrick Harwood, is also named in the suit.

Uh, hello? The directions take you onto a busy highway? Common sense says that you might want to avoid that. But no, why follow common sense. And when the predictable happens don’t take any responsibility for your actions. Sue someone.

Geez! If this isn’t worthy of a Darwin award, I don’t know what is.

The absurd part is that Google is now obligated to expend resources to answer this groundless suit. Even in winning, they’ll lose. That’s something that needs to really change.

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