iPad Launches In The Rest Of Word…. Creates All Sorts Of iHype….. And Some iDisappointment [UPDATED x2]

So, the rest of the world gets to buy the iPad from Apple as of yesterday. True to form for Apple launches, people lined up and all sorts of interesting things happened in cities like my hometown London, Paris, Sidney, and my adopted hometown of Toronto. Speaking of Canada, I got an e-mail from my “best friends at Rogers” who had this to say about the launch:

This morning we posted to RedBoard some information regarding today’s activations of the iPad.

We also provided some detail around how we’ve worked hard to become one of the only carriers in the world certified by Apple to offer an innovative, on-device purchase flow.

Noted. They should also note that Bell Canada has pricing on their website for 3G data for the iPad which by some really strange co-incidence is the same pricing as Rogers. The only thing that Bell Canada has going for it is that unlike Rogers they still don’t have that black cloud from an “oops” moment hanging over them which was mentioned by at least one news agency. But I digress. Canada’s third teclo Telus doesn’t have any pricing for the iPad, but I’m guessing that pricing is coming as I’m sure they don’t want to be left out of the iHype. But I’m not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking from them. I guess that pricing that other countries get such as the USA who gets unlimited data plans for the iPad for less than Canadians pay for 5GB of data isn’t coming to Canada anytime soon.

Too bad.

So, do you have an iPad? What do you think of it? Post a comment and share your experience.

UPDATE: I’m shocked. Telus launched an iPad 3G Data plan over the weekend and it isn’t in lockstep with Bell and Rogers. It’s $20 for 500MB of data. Anything over 500MB a month will be billed at the rate of 5¢/MB, up to a maximum of $30 of overage per month. The maximum allowed data usage per month will be 5GB. I did some quick math and if you use anywhere from 500MB to 800 MB of data, Telus is the best deal out there. Props to them for actually daring to be different.

UPDATE #2: Apple announced today that it sold 2 million iPads in less than 60 days. Can you say “Cha Ching?”

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