Apple’s HTML5 Page Only Usable With Safari…. So Much For Web Standards

In my last story, I posted a link at the end of it noting the existence of Apple having a page promoting the use of HTML5 and other so called “web standards.” I decided to browse around this site with Firefox for Mac and noticed this:

So I guess that Firefox isn’t open enough and standards based enough. Ditto for Google Chrome which didn’t work either. But lo and behold when I tried the same page with Safari and it worked just fine. Imagine that. Now to be fair, if you change your Firefox or Chrome browse to report itself as Safari, you can get this page to work (more or less). But the bottom line is this: Apple has created a page that has done nothing but act as a platform to promote Safari and not to promote open web standards. Way to go Steve Jobs! You’ve just proven that you’re nothing but a hypocrite. That really damages whatever credibility you had in the Flash vs HTML5 argument.

I guess that means that Apple has become Microsoft version 2.0. Suddenly Microsoft doesn’t seem so evil.

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  1. When they develop a version of Safari for Linux, I will be all set!

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