Apple Kicks Out MacOSX 10.6.4 With Older Adobe Flash…. WTF?

This week, Apple released MacOSX 106.4 as well as security updates for earlier versions of MacOSX to the world. Besides the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, there’s a number of security updates. However, one of those updates wasn’t Flash 10.1 which is something that computer users of all stripes really need to be running as earlier versions of Flash are security nightmares as I’ve noted previously. Adobe for one didn’t waste any time in pointing out Apple’s little mis-step:

Earlier today, Apple released security update 2010-004 / Mac OS X v10.6.4. This update includes an earlier version of Adobe Flash Player (version than available from While the Mac OS X v10.6.4 update does not appear to downgrade users who have already upgraded to Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Adobe recommends users verify they are using the latest, most secure version of Flash Player ( available for download from

Charming. You’d think “The Steve” and his employees wouldn’t want to give Adobe any excuse to take shots at them. So one has to wonder how this slipped through. In any case, I would pay attention to Adobe’s warning if you’re a Mac user.

In the meantime, one wonders if Apple will ever truly get their act together from a security standpoint.

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  1. Apple did this with another update and flash.

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