LimeWire Gets Sued…. Again

You might recall that the filesharing service known as LimeWire recently lost in court when the RIAA proved that they were making music available illegally. Well, their problems just got worse according to news .com:

A group of music publishers on Wednesday filed a copyright complaint in federal court against LimeWire’s parent company and founder Mark Gorton, according to documents obtained by CNET.

Eight members of the National Music Publishers’ Association, including the publishing arms of the four largest recording companies, were named as plaintiffs in the suit. They accuse Lime Group, parent of software maker Lime Wire, and Gorton with “copyright infringement on a massive scale.”

So if the original lawsuit didn’t kill them, this one might. Although Limewire does have hopes of becoming something that the music industry would like:

A Lime Wire spokesman said, “We have had many promising meetings with labels, publishers, and artists alike about our new music service and a business model that will compensate the entire industry.”

Good luck with that. I don’t expect them to be around much longer. Besides, all the cool kiddies use BitTorrent.

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  1. Eman Nona Says:

    No – the cool kiddies are on usenet, as always.
    The rest of use use torrents.

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