Facebook Gets Sued By Canadian Law Firm Over Privacy Issues

Facebook has had a number of privacy related issues lately, and now they’ve gotten worse. A Canadian law firm called Merchant Law Group has filed a lawsuit against Facebook on behalf of Donald J. Woligroski and they want it certified as a class action:

“The defendant’s acts of deceit and omissions have breached the duty of care it owed to its users and have caused the plaintiffs to suffer injury, economic loss, and damages, which they continue to suffer,” the lawsuit states. “Facebook has demonstrated and taken a cavalier and arbitrary approach with respect to its legal obligations to the plaintiff and class members and the methods by which Facebook misrepresented to its profit, its privacy policies and how Facebook would share, use and disseminate the personal information of the plaintiff and class action members.”

Facebook to nobody’s surprise blew this lawsuit off:

“We see no merit to this suit and we will fight it vigorously.”

Good luck with that. Even they beat the lawsuit, the optics of being sued like this aren’t good for Facebook.

So I have a question for the Canadians out there. Are you going to join the lawsuit and put the boots to Facebook?

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