A Bumper Crop Of Apple News

Boy. Over the last 24 hours, Apple has done a lot. First they released Safari 5.0.1 which according to the docs on this update fixes that privacy bug that I told you about. Mac users who are still using Safari should hit Software Update ASAP. But oddly enough, that isn’t the big news. Yesterday, Apple released a ton of new product:

  • New iMacs hit the streets with Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors and ATI Radeon HD graphics. SSD drive options also make an appearance.
  • New Mac Pros made an appearance with the ability to customize them with 12 processor cores. That’s insane. There’s also options for ATI Radeon HD graphics and SSD drives.
  • Also new is the Magic Trackpad which brings MacBook like trackpad functionality to any computer. Even Windows computers.
  • Apple now has a 27 inch Cinema Display that has the resolution of the now discontinued 30″ Cinema Display. By the way, the 24 inch Cinema Display has been discontinued as well. Hint: I’m guessing that if you want a 30 inch or a 24 inch monitor, you can likely get a good deal on one now at your local Apple reseller.

Along with those releases is another software update for newer MacBook and MacBooks Pro models that brings the Magic Trackpad functionality to them. I downloaded it on to my MacBook Pro and found it to be a worthwhile update. Scrolling seems smoother and the new functionality that allows you to do things like browse photos with a swipe of your fingers is useful.

The best thing about all of this news is that there’s nothing new on the “antennagate” front from Apple.

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