Apple Exec Leaves The Company… Connection To “Antennagate” Perhaps? [UPDATED]

The Globe And Mail is reporting that Mark Papermaster who is, or rather was the senior vice-president of iPhone and iPod hardware engineering is leaving the company. An Apple spokesperson won’t say if he was fired or he left voluntarily which leaves more questions than answers at this point. Either way, speculation is that he’s likely the first public casualty of the “Antennagate” circus that has plagued the iPhone 4 since it was released.

By the way if the name sounds familiar, it should. Apple hired him away from IBM and then got into a very messy legal spat that I documented on this blog. Bob Mansfield, Apple’s senior vice-president of Macintosh hardware engineering, will assuming Mr. Papermaster’s responsibilities.

In any case, it looks like the fit has hit the shan internally and you might even see some more heads roll over “Antennagate.”

UPDATE: Daring Fireball is reporting that inside Apple, Papermaster was known as the guy behind the antenna. I guess we now know that he was likely “asked to leave.”

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  1. I bet The Steve gave him a good verbal thrashing at some point 🙂

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