Top HP Staffer Follows Hurd To The Exit

It seems that Mark Hurd had at least one loyal employee. Caprice Fimbres McIlvaine, who used to be head of internal communications at HP, has decided to quit without any explanation according to Fortune:

McIlvaine was the key conduit in hiring Jodie Fisher, the actress-turned-corporate hostess/”marketing contractor” who later filed a sexual harassment suit against Hurd, setting in motion the chain of events that resulted in the CEO’s resignation on Aug. 6. McIlvaine resigned effective Aug. 9, HP confirmed Wednesday.

But it gets better. McIlvaine was a ‘chief of staff’ to Hurd:

Importantly, McIlvaine organized the gatherings of top customers — dubbed CEO Summits — at which Hurd spoke and Fisher acted as a greeter for those customers. What precise role McIlvaine played in hiring Fisher couldn’t be learned. It is unusual at HP, or any large company, for a series of top-level gatherings to be coordinated by the office of the CEO, as opposed to a corporate marketing group that does this sort of thing frequently.

Seeing as their stock is in free fall, they can really use someone like her right now to get big enterprise customers to buy their gear.

Now, if we can only get the facts on what really happened.

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