RIM Denies Any Deals Were Made…. Or Pehaps Not

Here’s a plot twist. According to RIM, they haven’t folded up like a cheap suit. At least that’s what a statement posted to their website yesterday said:

No changes to the security architecture for BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers since, contrary to any rumors, the security architecture is the same around the world and RIM truly has no ability to provide its customers’ encryption keys.


RIM maintains a consistent global standard for lawful access requirements that does not include special deals for specific countries.

Interesting. But earlier in the same statement they also said this:

Although RIM cannot disclose confidential regulatory discussions that take place with any government, RIM assures its customers that it genuinely tries to be as cooperative as possible with governments in the spirit of supporting legal and national security requirements, while also preserving the lawful needs of citizens and corporations.

So that sounds like they’re trying to co-operate with the various countries who want access to the BlackBerry network.

Okay, lets assume that RIM is telling the truth….. How do they explain this:

Research In Motion will provide India with technical solutions next week to help read its encrypted data that New Delhi sees as a security threat, a senior government source said on Friday.

It sounds like to me a deal was cut.

RIM, can you explain this?

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