Apple Quietly Drops Support For Boot Camp On Some Macs

When Apple switched from the Power PC to Intel processors, they promised users a lot. One of the key selling points were that you could run Windows on your Intel Mac via an application called Boot Camp. Users who wanted to switch to Mac at their own pace were overjoyed. But a support document has appeared on Apple’s site saying that Boot Camp support is being dropped on several Mac models that ship with OS X Server.

Now one has to wonder why “The Steve” would do such a thing to his beloved Fanbois. Perhaps there is some sort of difference in the server version of OS X that keeps Boot Camp from working properly. It might be helpful if Apple clarifies things so that the Fanbois are reassured.

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  1. My guess is that there is something different (drivers needed, etc) and those that used OSX server hardly ever made use of boot camp. Probably just a business decision.

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