Google In Talks With Hollywood To Get Pay Per View Movies

If you’re Apple with the iTunes Store, Netflix, or even Rogers with their Rogers On Demand Online service, some new competition may be about to hit the streets. Several sources have told the Financial Times that talks are underway for a service that would stream major movie releases on YouTube:

Citing people with knowledge of the situation, the newspaper said the new service is likely to first launch in the United States, followed by other countries over time.

Google and YouTube “talked about how many people they could steer to this … it’s a huge number,” the newspaper quoted an executive with knowledge of the plans as saying.

IF this is the case, then anybody who is in this market should be very afraid. Google is really trying to take over the world and this would be the the natural next step for them. Given the amount of eyeballs that visit Google and YouTube, this would steal marketshare away from anybody who is in this market. No wonder Apple is having a media event this week that is rumored to have new pricing for media on iTunes.

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