RIM Avoids Ban In India…. For Now

I’m not sure who blinked first, but it seems that there is a stay of execution in RIM v. India circus:

After initially setting an Aug. 31 decision deadline, the Ministry of Home Affairs released a statement Monday granting more time for negotiations. Over the next two months, RIM will negotiate with the government and will also provide authorities with access to its encrypted data.

The two parties have been in talks for the past several weeks to negotiate security and privacy issues related to the encrypted e-mails and instant messages sent over RIM’s network.

“RIM have made certain proposals for lawful access by law enforcement agencies and these would be operationalized immediately,” the ministry said in a brief statement. “The feasibility of the solutions offered would be assessed thereafter.”

Here’s how I read this. Either negotiations are going really well, or RIM caved. It’s not clear which. It would be really nice if RIM would clear the air about all of this. But I suspect that they won’t. Too bad. At least their stock went up slightly on the news.

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