Good News And Bad News For Mark Hurd…. He Gets A New Job And Then Is Sued

Good news for Mark Hurd. You might remember him from HP where he was the CEO who was dumped because of a “scandal” to say the least. He didn’t remain unemployed for long as he now has a new job:

“Mark did a brilliant job at HP and I expect he’ll do even better at Oracle,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. “There is no executive in the IT world with more relevant experience than Mark. Oracle’s future is engineering complete and integrated hardware and software systems for the enterprise. Mark pioneered the integration of hardware with software when Teradata was a part of NCR.”

Great. I hope someone is double checking his expenses.

The bad news for Mark Hurd. He’s being sued by HP:

HP released a statement Tuesday morning saying that “Mark Hurd agreed to and signed agreements designed to protect HP’s trade secrets and confidential information. HP intends to enforce those agreements.”


“Despite being paid millions of dollars in cash, stock, and stock options in exchange for Hurd’s agreements to protect HP’s trade secrets and confidential information during his employment and following his departure from his positions at HP as chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and president, HP is informed and believes and thereon alleges that Hurd has put HP’s most valuable trade secrets and confidential information in peril,” the suit says.

That has to suck if you’re Mark Hurd. But the good news is that these sorts of suits are usually settled out of court. You can also expect that any co-operation between HP and Oracle is likely out the door at this point:

“Oracle has long viewed H-P as an important partner,” said Oracle CEO Larry Ellison in a statement. “The H-P board is acting with utter disregard for that partnership, our joint customers, and their own shareholders and employees. The H-P Board is making it virtually impossible for Oracle and H-P to continue to cooperate and work together in the IT marketplace.”

I think that translates to F-U. This should be fun to watch.

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