RIM CEO Says They Can’t Meet Government Demands

Remember the UAE, India and a few other governments wanted access to Blackberry messages a while back? There were indications that RIM was about to fold up like a cheap suit, but that changed today. Here’s what Jim Balsillie said about handing over encryption keys to governments:

“They’re not ours to give,” Balsillie said. “That’s a decision for the company that is operating within that jurisdiction.”

Balsillie warned, however, that demanding access to encryption keys would be a “blunt instrument” and could spook companies that want tight security around their communications.

“Will companies just leave and say this is not commercial practice that’s acceptable?” he said. “Strong encryption for corporate data is the norm in all business.”

Charming. I wonder where that leaves RIM with all of the governments who want access to Blackberry messages?


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