Microsoft To Unveil Windows Phone 7 Handsets On October 11th

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Microsoft is set to unveil handsets that use their new Windows Phone 7 OS on October 11th on the AT&T network:

Microsoft will receive the marketing support of AT&T, which will be the initial exclusive U.S. carrier to sell the Windows Phone 7 smartphones. AT&T plans to sell the devices the week of Nov. 8. Initially, the carrier will offer three handsets—one each made by Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Inc., and HTC Corp.—as it looks to diversify its portfolio of mobile devices beyond the iPhone.

One has to wonder if Microsoft is making a mistake by jumping into bed with AT&T. But that may not be it’s biggest problem. Here’s one that might impact Microsoft more:

Microsoft’s own attempt to create a youth-oriented mobile device earlier this year fizzled. The company and carrier partner Verizon Wireless launched a line of Kin phones, but they scrapped it in July after only two months in the market.

Oh yeah. Those Kin phones which flamed out so amazingly. I almost forgot about them and most of the universe didn’t even notice them. Here’s the other thing that might impact them:

The company has been widely criticized for fumbling its acquisition of Danger, which created the software that powered the Sidekick messaging device popular with younger consumers.

It also didn’t help that they kind of tossed their users offline for a significant period of time which helped to kill the phone. I really hope they learned their lesson from both of these so that they can launch a phone platform that people actually want.

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