India Doesn’t Like RIM’s Message Snooping Solution

From the “you could see this coming a mile away” department comes news that India doesn’t like the solution that RIM provided it to snoop on Blackberry traffic:

In an internal note, dated September 28, reviewed by ET, the telecom department’s security wing claims security agencies have been unable to intercept or monitor secure email communication made through the (BES) in readable format. “RIM maintains that it does not have the keys that can be offered to security agencies for converting secure corporate email into readable format,” said a senior DoT official with direct knowledge of the matter. The DoT internal note claims law enforcement agencies have failed to intercept chats on the BlackBerry Messenger platform, which runs counters to the home ministry’s recent position that it is satisfied with the interception solution offered by RIM.

Um, hello? You shouldn’t be shocked by this as RIM did say right up front that you guys couldn’t do precisely what you’re trying to do, nor can RIM give you that capability. So please stop whining about it.

Here’s a message for India or anybody else who wants access to Blackberry traffic: It’s not OK for democratic governments to brazenly invade our privacy and have default access to all communication. Get that through your heads.


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  1. I could not have said it better myself. I just happened to be browsing blogs trying to decide which phone i should purchase; iphone 3 or blackberry bold9700. I think i will go with the blackberry, really value my privacy, and it’s nobody’s business what i am emailing about; as long as it is not illegal.

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