Apple Loses In Court…. But They Ask For A Stay…

The iLawyers have just taken a big hit. Apple has just lost a $625.5 million judgment in court. But wait! They’ve asked for a stay:

Apple asked U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis for an emergency stay of the Oct. 1 verdict, saying there are outstanding issues on two of the three patents. Apple said patent owner Mirror Worlds would also be “triple dipping” if it were able to collect $208.5 million on each of the patents.

So what’s the lawsuit about? Here’s what Bloomberg said:

The trial focused on the Spotlight, Time Machine and Cover Flow features in Apple’s Mac operating systems. Cover Flow lets users scroll through album cover art when browsing for music in their iTunes library. The feature also works for documents, pictures and other material stored in a computer.

Spotlight searches the computer’s hard drive, while Time Machine automatically saves copies of files.

The world really doesn’t need another patent troll to profit. Expect Apple to drag this out for years to come.

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  1. Software should not be patentable, plain and simple.

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