Apple Releases A Ton Of New Product…. Oh Joy…

Today Apple had a media event called “Back To The Mac” where they released a number of new products. For starters, they released iLife ’11 which has iMovie ’11, iPhoto ’11, and GarageBand ’11. If you buy a new Mac, you’ll get it for free. If you have an older version of iLife, you’ll have to drop $49 USD to upgrade. I’d list all the changes in all of the products, but let’s just say the changes are extensive.

Next Apple announced Face Time for the Mac in beta form. So if you’ve got an iPhone 4 or a newer iPod Touch, you’ll be able to chat with your fanbois friends on your Mac. Here’s what Apple God CEO Steve Jobs had to say:

“FaceTime makes video calling to or from mobile devices easy for the first time,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’ve sold more than 19 million FaceTime-ready iPhone 4 and iPod touch devices in the past four months, and now those users can make FaceTime calls with tens of millions of Mac users.”

I guess that this is the way that Apple will control the user experience from end to end. Next on the list is the announcement that the next version of OS X is due to hit the streets next summer. OS X 10.7 “Lion” takes it’s cues from their iPhone and iPod Touch products with multi-touch gestures, an App Store, app home screens, full-screen apps, and auto-saving capabilities. Sounds interesting. I guess we’ll see when it actually ships. On a side note, the App Store is going to be available in 90 days.

Finally, Apple released two new MacBook Air models. These new MacBook Air models have no real hard drives. Instead they have flash storage in 64GB and 256GB sizes. Both models have Core 2 Duo processors, 2 GB of RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics cards. Expect battery life to be 5 to 7 hours depending on the model. Two screen sizes are available with the 13.3 inch-model offering 1440 x 900 pixels and the 11.6-inch model carrying 1366 x 768 pixels.. Oh yeah, they have high-resolution LED-backlit displays too. One neat feature is that the OS is available on a flash drive. Seeing as these computers don’t have optical drives, that’s kind of important. Available today, they start at $999 USD.

I guess the fanbois will be happy. I know that their stockholders were mildly happy with Apple stock being slightly up today. What do you think?


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