Rogers Releases Two New Phones… More To Come [UPDATED]

My “best friends at Rogers” e-mailed me about two phones that they made available to the public this week. The first is a Windows 7 phone called the Samsung Focus. I saw this phone first hand and I was impressed with it. It’s $199 on the obligatory three year plan. Get all the details on Rogers website.

The second phone is the Nokia N8. It’s a Symbian based phone that has a 12-megapixel camera and 720p video with Dolby surround sound among other cutting edge features. Oh yeah, unlike the phones from that Steve guy this one does Flash. On paper it’s a very interesting phone and it’s a Rogers exclusive. You can score one for $79 on the usual three year plan. Check it out on RedBoard.

Oh yeah, a tipster told me that this is only the beginning. You can expect more phones from them shortly. Remember, you heard it here first.

UPDATE: I have proof that my tipster was correct about more phones coming from Rogers. I got another e-mail from Rogers saying that the Dell Streak was now available for $149.99 on a three year plan. You can expect more phones from Rogers shortly.

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