The Never Ending Saga Of RIM vs India Just Won’t End

I really wish this RIM vs India soap opera would end as I think we’re getting sick of this stalemate. RIM today reiterated that they cannot give India access to e-mail… Again:

There is no possibility of us providing any kind of a solution,” RIM vice president Robert Crow told reporters. “There is no solution, there are no keys to be handed.”

So India apparently will have to live with having access to Blackberry Messenger messages. Or do something about it.

I can tell you what’s going to happen next. India is going to demand access to e-mail, then threaten to ban Blackberry devices if they don’t. Then RIM will say they can’t do it for the millionth time, and we’ll be back to this stalemate yet again. Then the merry dance starts anew. Really, either India needs to ban these devices, RIM needs to cave, or RIM needs to pull up stakes and get out of the country. What’s happening right now is not in anybody’s interests. Not RIM’s, and not India’s.

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  1. Well I am with RIM on this saga, RIM shouldn’t give anyone access to their data.

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