India Wants Full Blackberry Access…. Or Else!

Here’s a shock. India isn’t happy with what RIM has been saying recently. So they’ve started with their threats again:

Home (Interior) Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram told a news conference the government still wanted access to e-mails.

“I think a decision will be taken today by the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs),” Mr. Chidambaram added. RIM’s India-based spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

Okay. So I guess this is zero hour seeing as the deadline is today. Will RIM cave? Will India Cave? Or will one side make some sort of decisive move to end this? If I ran RIM, it’s basically say to India “Screw You!” But that’s me. I’m sure that RIM isn’t going to walk away from one of the bigger smartphone markets in the world. But they should as the Indian demands are completely unacceptable.

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