Larry Page Is Back As Google CEO As Android Product Chief Leaves

He handed over the reigns to Google in 2001 to Eric Schmidt and watched the company grow into a powerhouse. Now Larry Page is back as CEO. But it wasn’t all good news:

Google confirmed that Jonathan Rosenberg, the company’s chief of product development, announced his resignation internally after being unable to assure Page that he was committed to his role for the long haul.

“We tried to hire Jonathan multiple times because he was the only person we could imagine doing the job,” Page said in a statement released by Google.

“It’s lucky we were so persistent because he’s built an amazing team — hiring great people, who’ve created amazing products that have benefited over a billion users around the world.”

Rosenberg, 49, has been open about his plan to remain at Google only until his daughter is ready to attend college in about two years.

Lovely. If I am a shareholder, I might be a tad bit concerned. There’s risk here. I guess we’ll have to see if Rosenberg’s departure hurts Android development the fact that Page has no track record as CEO.

You may want to sell a few of those Google stocks to hedge your bets.

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