The Downward Spiral Of Research In Motion

Research In Motion seems to be in a downward spiral at the moment. Earlier this week, Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis walked out on a BBC reporter when the topic of RIM’s issues with countries that want access to the e-mails and BBM messages of Blackberry users in their countries. Click here if you want to see a clip of what happened. The fact that he walked out shows that RIM is clearly feeling the heat. That heat got cranked up in the last couple of days with the release of the Playbook tablet. Even before it was shown to the public, RIM stock tanked by 3% on the Toronto Stock Exchange. When it did show up, the negative reviews started. Uber famous tech writer David Pogue said the tablet is “half baked” and Tim Stevens of Engadet said that it’s “…worrying that things as critical as memory management are still being tweaked at the eleventh hour,”. Many reviews note that features like e-mail, BlackBerry Messenger and contacts, only appear on the PlayBook when a wireless link is established with a BlackBerry. No Blackberry? You don’t get those apps, although they are coming in a future software update. Oh, I should mention that the ability to run Android apps isn’t there either apparently and the battery life is not up to the 10 hour figure that RIM has been touting. All of those make the Playbook a #fail to borrow a quote NDP leader Jack Layton.

Clearly RIM is in trouble. They’re late to the party with the Playbook, and they’re hurting because of their security issues. They know it and they seem to be unable do anything about it. I think what you’re seeing is the beginning of the end of RIM. Expect Android phones and the iPhone to continue to take market share away from RIM. You can also expect RIM to become less relevant.

Too bad for RIM. Time to write the obituary.

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