Route1 Picks Up $25 Million Dollar Deal

A Canadian company I’ve had my eye on for some time is Route1. I’ve used their product until very recently, and they’ve picked up a deal with the US Department Of Homeland Security as well as the Dutch Government, both of which are no small feats. Yesterday Route1 announced that they did it again. This time with the US Fish And Wildlife Service:

FWS requires removable, secure computing devices and services that will allow users to connect to their workstation desktops and applicable network resources from any internet-enabled, Windows-based computer. FWS’ objective is to acquire the ability to remotely access U.S. Government systems and information in a secure environment, and to enable and promote the ability to telework.

FWS has entered into a blanket purchase agreement with Route1 for delivery of up to 10,000 users, with the longer-term goal of adding users from other components of the United States Department of the Interior. The term of the blanket purchase agreement is five years from the date of the award, with the total value of the agreement valued at US$25 million.

This is good news for a company that has gone through some serious turmoil that resulted in a change in CEO as well as the board of directors and only very recently showed a profit. That can’t be good for the morale of their employees who are going to be critical to them executing on this deal. All you have to do is look at Yahoo as an example of what happens to a company that is under a fair amount of turmoil. Their key employees leave or are poached by other companies. That’s something that is hard to recover from. Seeing as Route1 is desperately close to hitting the big time, one has to hope that this hasn’t happened to them.

In any case we’ll see if this is the turning point for this company. Otherwise Route1 will be one of those companies that didn’t quite deliver on their potential.

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