Games Appear For The Xperia Play… Does It Matter?

One of the things that I said in part 5 of my review of the Xperia Play, I said that it had a fighting chance if they had lots of games out for it. As if on cue, my “new friends at Sony” sent me this press release:


  • Minecraft™ by Mojang, One of the Most Popular Indie PC Games of All Time, Exclusively Available on Xperia™ PLAYMinecraft™ first to mobile on Xperia™ PLAY
  • MMOs and online gaming coming to Xperia™ PLAY, led with launch of Pocket Legends and long awaited launch of Spacetime Studios upcoming sci-fi MMO, Star Legends
  • More than 20 additional games soon to be available on Xperia™ PLAY, including  10 exclusive
  • First hands-on demos of new games at E3 in early June (Sony Ericsson Booth 713)

Atlanta, GA – June 2, 2011 – Today Sony Ericsson announces more than 20 new games, including 10 exclusive titles, optimized for. The new games, many of which will be showcased at the world’s leading games expo, E3, June 7-9, add to the more than 60 titles already available for Xperia™ PLAY.

The new titles offer broad appeal to different users and usage occasions from popular, innovative, massively multi-player online titles (MMO) to immersive titles and addictive graphically rich new casual content.

Amongst the titles announced today is Minecraft™, the much anticipated game from the Swedish indie developer Mojang, currently setting the industry alight.  Minecraft™ is one of the fastest growing game franchises in history, with over eight million registered users announced to date and over 50,000 new players joining every day.  

“As Xperia™ PLAY becomes available to Verizon Wireless customers in the U.S., the portfolio of great games continues to grow and we are delighted to announce 20 new games optimized for Xperia™ PLAY,” said Steve Walker, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson. “By building on the open Android ecosystem, we’re providing a brilliant opportunity for developers and game publishers to bring their best titles to new audiences and fantastic new experiences for Xperia™ PLAY owners. Keep watching this space.”

In addition to the new titles announced today, Sony Ericsson can confirm that new games from Sony Computer Entertainment’s stable of classic PlayStation 1 titles will be coming to Xperia™ PLAY shortly. More details will be shared imminently.    

Sony Ericsson’s support for the Android ecosystem also includes its partnerships with key industry players, such as Unity and Havok, with whom it is working to build an ever growing ecosystem.  Sony Ericsson is launching a programme to support and find new upcoming innovative developers called “Stand out from the crowd”, which enables game developers to become part of the Xperia™ PLAY story and get their games the profile they need.

Sony Ericsson will be present at E3 in Los Angeles, June 7-9, to offer first hands-on demos of Xperia™ PLAY and many of the new games in the Sony Ericsson booth 713.

New Android Games Exclusive on Xperia™ PLAY:
·         Minecraft™ by Mojang
·         Battlefield Bad Company 2 by Electronic Arts
·         Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Shadow Vanguard by Gameloft
·         Desert Winds by Southend Interactive
·         Ruined by Bigpoint
·         Icebreaker™ by NaturalMotion
·         Sleepy Jack by SilverTree Media
·         Cracking Sands by Polarbit
·         Armageddon Squadron 2 by Polarbit
·         An unnamed fighting game from Khaeon Gamestudio

New Games coming soon on Xperia™ PLAY:
·         Pocket Legends by Spacetime Studios
·         Star Legends: The Black Star Chronicles by Spacetime Studios
·         Eternal Legacy by Gameloft
·         Guns ’n’Glory 2 by HandyGames
·         Dungeon Hunter 2 by Gameloft
·         Pocket RPG by Crescent Moon Games
·         D.A.R.K. developed by Gamelab
·         Samurai II: Vengeance by MADFINGER Games  
·         Vendetta Online by Guild Software
·         Order & Chaos – Gameloft
·         Happy Vikings by Handy Games
·         A Ball Game by Trendy Entertainment
·         Lumines by Connect2Media

The new games announced today will be released in the coming months. More details regarding timing and exclusivity will be announced during E3 week and closer to launch.   

So it seems that Sony is serious about content. I wonder how the sales are doing. That’s going to be the big indicator of if this new content matters to potential buyers.

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