Rogers Drops Serious Cash To Expand It’s Wireless Network Out East

Rogers seem to be serious about being the top dog when it comes to wireless in Canada. They came out with a press release today announcing that they’re spending $80 million to expand their wireless network in the Maritimes:

This two-year multi-million dollar project is the latest in a series of major investments in the area and one of the largest to date by Rogers in the Maritime region. The investment will see Rogers 4G HSPA+ network expand to cover 94% of the Maritime population.  Customers across all parts of the region will benefit from faster data speeds and stronger signal strength. They will also be able to take full advantage of the latest devices including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and tablets. 

“Maritimers told us they wanted better coverage, faster speeds and a greater selection of mobile devices,” said Rogers President for Atlantic Canada, Ken Marshall.  “With this investment, customers all across the Maritimes can fuel their passions by switching to Rogers and connecting – in high speed, on the device they want – to what matters to them most.”

“The freedom and choice enabled by the expanded Rogers network will change the way we live and work here,” said Marshall. “In more places than ever before, the Rogers enhanced 4G HSPA+ network will be readily available, making communications better and easier for new and existing Rogers’ customers in the Maritimes.”

Rogers begins work on its enhanced Maritime wireless network this month and work will continue through 2012.

Seeing as their coverage is sort of… well not exactly the best in that corner of the universe, this is great news if you live out east. Of course I could say the same thing of any cellular provider that operates in that part of the world. I know people who live just outside of St. John’s who’s Rogers phones are nothing but expensive paperweights. So if this improves things, I’m all for it. We’ll see what the coverage is going to be like when this rollout is done. We’ll also see how the competition responds as well.

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