Final Cut Pro X = #epicfail? [UPDATED]

This past week, Apple released the latest version of their pro level editing software Final Cut Pro X. It should have been a big moment for Apple, but it’s turned into its biggest failure. As I type this, Final Cut Pro X has the lowest rating of all the apps in the App Store with some really biting comments:

Out of 742 customer ratings on the Apple Store right now, 45% are giving the software one star, the lowest rating possible. Comments include:

  • “It’s as if they took a beautifully written novel and turned it into a children’s book.”
  • “This makes no sense. How is it i can import a iMovie project but not a FCP project… What was apple thinking.”
  • “Final Cut ‘Pro’ implies this is an app for working professionals. It’s not.”
  • “I was excited about the new features and 64-bit support, but after running it for the past day, the sad reality has set in that the product we ultimately paid for takes editing in Final Cut Pro back at least 7 years.”

Hell, even Conan took shots at Final Cut Pro X.

When something like this goes mainstream, you know it’s bad.

Man. Apple really seems to have dropped the ball here. It also seems that they’re trying to address this. According to the New York Times, Apple says there are (pricey) workarounds available, or fixes on the way. But the question has to be, how the hell could Apple let things get this bad with one of their most important apps?

UPDATE: The video got pulled. Here’s a link to a CNET story that has the video.

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