Rogers Wants You To Help Them To Stop Competition And Choice…. Seriously!

A frequent reader tipped me off to this website that seems to be designed to encourage you to open the upcoming 700 MHz auction in Canada to everybody and not just newcomers. Now why would they do that you ask? Simple, if they as well as Telus and Bell are allowed to enter this auction, they’d likely win and in the process take away competition and choice from the Canadian consumer. Of course Rogers has a slightly different spin on this:

You’ve been looking forward to the arrival of LTE. You want the fastest network the world has ever seen…and you want it now.

But there are some who are trying to slow down Canadian digital innovation through misguided federal government regulation.

If you want to live fast, you need to act fast today to show your support for LTE and a faster, more productive Canada. The federal government will make a decision soon, and you have a critical role to play to make sure LTE can be deployed across Canada.

It’s a simple fact: you shouldn’t be denied access to groundbreaking LTE technology because of government policy. Help keep Canada moving forward by telling your local Member of Parliament not to slow you – or our digital economy – down.

Sorry, this is nothing but astroturfing by Rogers. Incumbents such as Rogers are precisely the reason why Canada has some of the highest prices for cell phone service on planet earth. Thus this auction is vital to create a competitive environment within the Canadian cell phone market. Face it. Rogers is freaking out because their days are potentially numbered as one of the “three kings” of the Canadian cell phone market, and they don’t want the good times at the expense of the Canadian consumer to end.

One thing I will note is that Rogers allows you to change the letter that they want Canadians to send to their MP. Thus, if you wanted to send a message to that would get some attention, you should change it to send your MP a message to keep Rogers and the other incumbents out of this auction. But that would be a nasty thing to do.


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