Amazon Announces Kindle Fire Tablet… An iPad Killer?

Amazon today announced it’s Kindle Fire tablet. The Kindle Fire has a 7-inch display, a dual-core processor, WiFi, and it runs Android and Adobe Flash. It will have access to all of Amazon’s services including AmazonMP3, Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Instant Video and the Amazon AppStore. The key thing is the price. It’s $199 US. But Amazon wasn’t done announcing stuff. They also kicked out the Kindle Touch which is equipped with an infrared layer on top of the E-Ink display to help avoid with any interference while reading. There’s also a feature called X-Ray which allows users to view where and when certain characters or places take place in a book. There’s also a 3G version as well and you can expect to pay $149 US for it. Don’t want WiFi? Then expect to pay $99 US. Finally, Amazon announced a new lower priced Kindle with no touch screen and it’s priced at $79.

The big news is the Kindle Fire. Is it an iPad killer? In a word, yes. Not because it’s technically advanced or has the coolest features. It’s because of the price. It’s $300 US cheaper than the cheapest iPad. HP when it had it’s fire sale of TouchPad tablet proved that people will buy a tablet not named iPad if you price it right. Amazon gets that, and I think that it may be enough to shake things up in the tablet wars.

Want one? You can pre-order now if you’re in the US.

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