Rogers Lights Up LTE In Toronto, Montreal And Vancouver…. And There’s More

I got some news today from Rogers. LTE is live in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Those cities join Ottawa in having LTE. That in itself would be big news. But there’s actually more news. From their posting on Redboard:

On October 18, we kick off what will be the widest selection of devices with a Rogers exclusive HTC Jetstream LTE tablet, the fastest tablet in Canada. This Android 3.1 tablet boasts LTE + Wi-Fi  connectivity, a 10” high resolution touchscreen, 32 GB capacity, and dual-core 1.5GHz processor. Add the HTC Scribe digital pen accessory and you can even sketch, highlight, take notes, or sign documents on your tablet. Rogers customers can reserve this tablet, the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE smartphone, or the LTE Rocketmobile hotspot (Sierra Wireless AirCard 754S) online today at

And to borrow a quote from Steve Jobs, there’s one more thing:

To celebrate the expansion of Canada’s first LTE network, we’ve also introduced a special, limited time offer that provides LTE customers a chance to purchase one of Rogers largest ever data buckets – 10GB for $52.93 per month on a 3 year plan.

That might keep all but the heaviest surfers happy.

I’m hoping to get a LTE Rocket Stick shortly so that I can tell you what this network is like. When I do, expect to see a review here.

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  1. As a former Rogers client, I must say I am now a bit confused by this whole “speed” issue. I was on Rogers highest broadband connection…I was getting almost 40 mbps with speed tests. I switched to another provider which could only offer me up to 5 mbps…and I never reach the 5. The thing is, I notice almost no difference in performance. I can still stream without any buffering, pages load instantly and downloading, though not AS fast…is still really fast. Unless you are online gaming, I see no reason to have super high speed internet. All it did for me was use up my bandwidth faster.

  2. kindle fire no 3g…

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