Blackberry Users In Europe, Middle East And Africa Knocked Offline

Chances are that if you’re a Blackberry user in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, you likely didn’t use your Blackberry much due to an outage to the Blackberry network:

The glitch, which struck at around 11AM, was affecting online services for consumers all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa. All are served by a RIM data centre in Slough.

They have been unable to browse the web or instant messages, or access other internet services such as email.

A RIM spokesman was not immediately available for comment. Users who are served by a corporate server appeared to be unaffected

Charming. This is the last thing that RIM needs at the moment. I hate to say it, but this might be a reason for Blackberry users to switch to something else. Even if RIM beefs things up, I don’t think people fully trust RIM’s ability to keep their network up.

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