Mac Users Angry Valve Over Team Fortress 2 Update Fiasco [UPDATE x3]

Mac users who play the game Team Fortress 2 have been raging at Valve Corporation as well as Steam for the last 24 hours. Why? A recent upgrade has left them unable to kill each other online in the popular video game. A couple of threads on Steam Forums illustrate their anger. Now the question is, what will Valve and Steam do about it? The thing is that Mac users who play games likely only represent a tiny amount their revenue. So I suspect that Valve and Steam don’t have these issues as a high priority. Therefore, they get the shaft.

Bad move.

Mac users spend a lot on their computers. Therefore it stands to reason that they’d spend a lot on software and games. Chances are that Valve and Steam risk losing customers if this goes on for an extended period of time. It would be in their best interests to at the very least to come clean on how long it will take to fix this, assuming they just can’t fix it quickly.

At the moment, this is truly a #fail for Steam and Valve.

UPDATE: As of 9:46PM EST I am able to play Team Fortress 2 thanks to a Steam client update. Make that three in the last two hours, but not really. It looks like the same update being forced on Steam client users over and over again. Clearly they’re trying to react to the situation, but they seem to be doing it badly. Wow. What a #fail.

UPDATE #2: The constant updating problem now seems to be fixed.

UPDATE #3: So far this Sunday, my Steam client has updated to the same version twice. #fail

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