Rogers Is Giving Away Tablets

My “best friends at Rogers” dropped me a note to say that they’re giving away Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets this holiday season when you do one of three things with Rogers:

  •  Get a Tablet when you activate 2 new lines on a voice and data Family Plan on a 3 year term
  •  Get a Tablet for $149.99 when you add 1 new line on a voice and data Family Plan on a 3 year term
  •  Get a Tablet when you subscribe to TV + Internet on a 2 year term (minimum Digital Basic TV + Lite Internet)

More details are available here.

Now as I digest this news, I wonder if this promotion has anything to do with increased competition in the TV, Internet and wireless space. After all, Rogers now has to contend with upstarts such as Wind in the wireless space and Bell who is making a push with Fibe TV. Not to mention you’ve got ISP’s out there who would love to steal subscribers from Rogers. It would make sense for Rogers to try and lock up their subscriber base to keep defections from happening. But perhaps I’m reading too much into this.

What do you think? Please leave your thoughts below.

One Response to “Rogers Is Giving Away Tablets”

  1. Rogers would be well advised to take better care, of their existing customers. What those people have experienced is a constant ratcheting up of monthly cost, they seem much more focused on maximize revenue than betting services. They appear to have lost sight of the fact that this is Entertainment is optional not mandatory, and people will cut these services as cheaper alternatives become available. or as finances and economics dictate. This is especially true for Seniors, the fixed income component of Rogers customers. Again the operative word is Optional , the only mandatory requirement for Seniors is that they stay within their Budget. However, in addition to disappearing or reducing discounts, Rogers customers are faced with arbitrary price increases Quite often disguised as adjustment to discounts. The best thing to happen for consumers in recent years is the competition being offered by Bell, hopefully this will continue. To Rogers I would suggest curbing your voracious appetite for increased profits, as your Services can indeed be classified as a want not a need, and more and more you will find this want being filled by a competitor if you continue to fail to recognize this fact.

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