CRTC Comes Down The Middle In Terms Of Usage Based Billing

Yesterday, the CRTC released a long awaited decision that affects Canadian Internet users that have so called “unlimited” plans. Those plans were under threat because the independent ISPs who provide those plans were going to be forced into being charged by the byte for the data they used. That won’t happen and instead there will be two options for the “big three” providers to charge independent ISPs. A flat rate or a rate based on capacity and the number of users. This pretty much kills the attempts by Bell, Rogers, and Telus to eliminate smaller ISPs.

So why am I not doing cartwheels?

Simple. The majority of consumers get their Internet access from one of the “big three” providers. Nothing changes for them as they are still subject to bandwidth caps and high prices for Internet access. While this is a step in the right direction, the government needs to do more to make Internet access better for Canadians as it is clear that Bell, Rogers, and Telus have zero interest in doing so unless forced by government. Or consumers wake up and see that they can get better deals elsewhere.

The fight continues.

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  1. Carl Messner Says:

    Nice post and I like the blog! Going to read some of the past blogs later.

    “they can get better deals elsewhere.” Mind tossing out an example or two please? Nothing would please me more than to leave the Big3 behind. I live in the Calgary area.

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