Rogers On Demand Makes Appearance On Xbox 360

I got a note from my “best friends at Rogers” announcing that Rogers On Demand will be available to Xbox 360 users:

I wanted to drop you a note about the new initiative Xbox Canada and Rogers announced this morning at Xbox 360 Central in Toronto. Just in time for the holidays, the Rogers On Demand app on Xbox 360 will launch on the newly designed Xbox LIVE dashboard.

This is the first time Rogers On Demand will be available on a gaming console, and is just one of many new TV innovations expected from Rogers in the next few months. Customers will be able to enjoy their TV and movie entertainment in new ways thanks to Kinect technology.

How do you get it? If you have Xbox LIVE Gold membership and a Rogers On Demand Online account, you’re set. Need more details. Check out this post on Rogers Redboard.

I do have one question. What about Wii and PS3 users? Will they be getting some love from Rogers?

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