Rogers Cited By CRTC For Net Neutrality Violations

To absolutely nobody’s shock, the CRTC  has decided that Rogers is violating net neutrality rules in Canada. I say that because their traffic management system has been absolutely brutal towards users. Just ask anyone playing World of Warcraft on Rogers. Not to mention that I’ve not only been talking about this topic forever, but I’ve also been calling on Rogers to ditch their crappy traffic management system since it clearly doesn’t work. In any case, the CRTC via a letter has given Rogers until Feb. 3rd to address this….or else. Seeing as the CRTC is pretty much useless (after all, the CRTC threatened Rogers last year), I don’t expect them to really hit Rogers hard… Though they really deserve to be punished for their behavior towards their users.

So will Rogers actually do anything meaningful to fix this? I doubt it. But they could surprise me and actually do something in the interests of their users rather than against them. I suspect that it’s not going to happen, which is too bad.

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