Google Spies On Safari Users…. So Much For Not Being Evil

Google really has some explaining to do.

The news broke this week that Google has managed to circumvent the privacy protection of Apple Safari web browser users to track their activities. That means that anyone on a Mac, an iPhone or an iPad have had their browsing habits tracked for the last six months. Scary isn’t it. Apple isn’t happy and they say that they’re going to do something about it. Expect a Safari update shortly. Google for their part have put out a statement that downplays this issue. The thing is that Google is in the midst of changing their privacy policy and they’ve promised over the last year that stuff like this would not happen. But somehow it has. By the way, I don’t buy Google’s response that this was an accident. Google collects data and makes money off of it.

Sorry Google, you got caught being evil. I say that web users dump Google products until they understand what the word “privacy” means.

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