Mountain Lion Annouced By Apple…. This Warrants Your Attention

This past week, Apple announced that they are coming out with the latest version of the OS X operating system. Dubbed Mountain Lion, it’s going to be the most advanced version of the OS ever with more of an iOS feel to it. Okay, now I know that sounds like hype, but check out the press release as well as this video and see for yourself. People who have seen a developers version of the OS have positive reviews. Here’s the key features:

  • Messages – new version of iChat with iMessage support
  • Reminders – create lists and tasks, synced via iCloud
  • Notes – create notes, synced via iCloud
  • Notification Center – on screen pop-up notifications
  • Gatekeeper – a new security feature to stop rogue apps from harming you
  • Game Center – social gaming center for Mac
  • AirPlay Mirroring – broadcast your Mac’s screen to your Apple TV

The new OS is due out this summer. I haven’t seen this OS yet (though I am working on scoring a developer’s copy) but I’m impressed enough to say that this isn’t hype.

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