RIM Releases Update For Playbook….. Too Little Too Late?

The long awaited update to the Blackberry Playbook hit the streets today. Here’s what the updates give Playbook users:

  • Native email, contacts and calendar functionality.
  • RIM’s Android app player is finally on board
  • Video chat has been enhanced
  • BlackBerry Bridge has been updated
  • Social networking such as Facebook and Twitter have been added

You can see the full list of updates here. From Playbook users I’ve spoken to, it’s a welcome update. The question is, is it too little too late? After all, the iPad outsells the Playbook something like 100 to 1 and if you believe the rumors, the iPad 3 is about to ship on March 7th. That will make it even more difficult for RIM to compete.

We’ll see what happens. I suspect it won’t take long to find out which way this goes.

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