Rogers Responds To My Posts…. And I Have Some Free Advice For Them [UPDATED x2]

As you might recall from my last posting on this issue, I had been waiting for Rogers to respond to my in terms of a Rogers tech remotely accessing a customers modem. I now have an update. I had asked Rogers if they had the policy that they communicated to me online. Here’s their answer:

This process is part of our internal training and is not posted on As I mentioned, all reps are trained to advise the customers before accessing their router and all actions taken are logged and monitored. This temporary access to the modem only gives the rep access to the router’s configuration in order to troubleshoot connectivity issues. If a rep needs to resolve an issue beyond the router they will need to get the customer’s permission in order to remotely access their computer. This can only be initiated by the customer at their computer.

Here’s some free advice for Rogers. One of my customers is a decent sized (20 agents) tech support center who uses WebEx to do remote support. They put a statement like the above part of their privacy policy which is posted on their website. that way if customers have questions or issues, they can simply point customers to that policy online. Also they QA their agents in a manner like the one I described previously to make sure that they head off with potential privacy issues like this. Rogers should seriously consider doing the same as it would avoid a situation like this.

Now, the only thing outstanding is for the customer to contact Rogers directly to have this issue directly addressed. I’ll let you know what happens with that.

UPDATE: The customer has e-mailed Rogers with his concerns with yours truly copied on it. I’m waiting to see the reply from Rogers. I’m expecting it to come very quickly.

UPDATE #2: Rogers has responded to the customer. At this point I won’t be giving out details about what is going on as I want to let this play out. But I will update you when it’s appropriate to do so.

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